Welcome To Our Organic Farm

  Our certified organic farm is nestled in a beautiful meandering section of the Merced River (flows from Yosemite) less than 2 miles from highway 99.

Our Main crops are organic blueberries, walnuts, cherries, strawberries, lavender and oat hay with some mini-plantings of persimmons, pomegranates, pecans, and citrus. Wild elderberries and black walnuts are available for gathering in season. We re-planted our almond orchard in February 2015 with 2,400 Independence Almond sand expect harvest this year.

141-IMG_4501Riverdance farms is designing itself along permaculture principles. Hedgerows and wildlife corridors are being planted with plants native to the Central Valley and California to restore habitat for wildlife, native bees, and songbirds.

Organic u-pick farm tours and private picnics can also be arranged. We love participating in the education of children and have a lot to offer school groups.